Take data to the next level! Whether you’re a data professional, business owner, sales or marketing expert, DQ for Excel is your ultimate customer data empowerment tool.



Data never stands still, and neither should your approach to managing it - DQ for Excel

Data never stands still, and neither should your approach to managing it.

With DQ for Excel, you can validate, suppress, enrich, and acquire both company and contact data. Stay ahead of the curve and make smarter decisions with fresh, reliable information!

Elevate Your Data!

Unlock hidden opportunities and revenue streams from your customer and prospect data. The DQ for Excel suite of data quality improvement tools integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to transform your data into a goldmine of revenue and insights.

Capabilities and Solutions

Our Capabilities

Unlocking the value in your customer data.

Our Solutions

Designed to improve the quality of your customer data.

DQ for Excel Pricing

DQ for Excel Pricing is Pay-As-You-Go and consumes DQ Credits available from the DQ Shop.

Business Benefits

Pay for only what you use
Work in the familiar Microsoft Excel environment
Acquire, manage and maintain customer data with ease
Unlock customer insights to find your next ideal customer
Increase your sales and marketing effectiveness
Improve your customer data accuracy

Free to download

DQ For Excel is in the Microsoft Office Store which is easily found in the "Get Add-ins" function on Microsoft Excel.

Familiar environment

Get access to our data quality tools, with all the flexibility of the Excel ecosystem. It can work directly with user created sheets and exports from your CRM or marketing applications.

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use. Register and purchase credits from the DQ Global Shop.

Install in minutes and take command of your customer data like never before. Here's how...

Install DQ for Excel within minutes for complete control over your customer data.

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