Authentication is a silent process used to verify that email addresses or telephone numbers are legitimate and will deliver or dial

Ensuring the deliverability of email addresses and dial-ability of phone numbers is essential for effective communication and maintenance of a reliable customer database.

Go beyond simple Excel email and phone validation.

Authenticate emails and phone numbers in bulk. Process hundreds of thousands of records at once and only pay for your usage on a credit-based subscription model.

DQ for Excel™ performs a silent check on email servers and phone lines to confirm the input value is authentic and deliverable or dial-able.


Authenticate Use Case Examples


Silently checks if an email is authentic without sending a physical email to the target mailbox. It also returns additional data about an Email.

  • Local Part: also known as the prefix or the username 
  • Domain Part: the part after the @ symbol and probably the website 
  • Corporate: Is the email corporate or personal 
  • Disposable: Is the email disposable? 
  • Role Based: Is the email role-based:, etc.? 
Email (Input) Authentic Domain Local Part Corporate Disposable Role Based TRUE example TRUE FALSE FALSE FALSE fakeexample TRUE FALSE FALSE TRUE sales TRUE FALSE TRUE 

Silently check to see if a telephone number is authentic by line testing it without dialling the number. It also returns additional data about a phone number. 

  • Number Type: Landline, Mobile Phone, VOIP etc. 
  • Country Identifier – The 3-letter ISO 3 Code associated with the phone number? 
  • Dialling Code: The dialling code associated with the phone number? 
  • National Format: The correct national format of the phone number? 
Phone Number (Input) Country Identifier – ISO 2 Code (Input) Authentic Number Type Country Identifier – ISO 3 Code Dialling Code National Format 
+44(0)23 9298 8303 GB TRUE Landline GBR 44 023 9298 8303 
+1 312 253 7873 US TRUE VOIP USA 1 (312) 253-7873 

Business Benefits of Email and Telephone Authentication:

Enhanced communication with customers
Improved email deliverability and phone dial-ability
Reduced bounce rates and failed call attempts
More efficiently target and segment sales and marketing campaigns
Reduced resource waste
Improved customer trust and reputation

Why Authenticate Data in Excel?

Ensure Communication Reliability

Authentication verifies the legitimacy of email addresses and phone numbers, improving the successful delivery and connectivity. This ensures your messages reach the intended recipients and calls connect without failure, maintaining a robust customer database.

Efficiency Beyond Excel

Move past basic Excel validation. Authenticate emails and phone numbers in bulk effortlessly. Process large volumes of records efficiently and pay based on a credit-based subscription model, saving resources and time.

Silent, Powerful Verification

DQ for Excel conducts seamless checks on email servers and phone lines, confirming the authenticity and deliverability/dial-ability of input values. It’s a silent process that ensures accuracy without disruptions.

Targeted Campaigns & Resource Efficiency

With authenticated data, your sales and marketing campaigns become more precise and effective. Targeting and segmentation become efficient, reducing resource waste on unresponsive leads.




Resources for Email and Phone

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