Identify the similarity between records and choose from multiple similarity comparison methods. This is essential when bulk processing records to identify legitimate duplicate records.

The ability to compare data in Excel offers a range of significant business benefits, from improved decision-making and customer experience to cost savings and regulatory compliance.

It’s a fundamental practice for maintaining accurate and reliable customer data, which is essential for the success of any business.


Compare Use Case Examples

Compare the similarity between two data value inputs using a library of comparison methods. 


Compare your data using these algorithms: 

  • Jaro Winkler 
  • Jaro 
  • Levenshtein Percentage 
  • Levenshtein Change Count 
  • Monge Elken 
  • Needleman Wunsch 
  • Sift 3 
  • Smith Waterman Gotoh 
  • Hamming Percentage   

Each algorithm has a unique way of scoring the similarity between two values.  Below is an example of the Jaro Winkler scoring. 

First Input Second Input Output 
Microsoft Microsoft 100 
Google Giggle 80 
DQ Global DQ Globe 93.05556 

Business Benefits of Comparing your Customer Data:

Improved Decision Making
Reduced Errors and Cost
Data Integration and Migration
Enhanced Analytics
Efficient Resource Allocation
Operational Efficiency

Why Compare Data in Excel?

Identify Similarity, Eliminate Duplicates

Comparing records to determine similarity and employing various comparison methods is vital, especially during bulk processing. This practice helps in singling out legitimate duplicate records, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

Error Reduction and Cost Savings

By identifying duplicates, errors decrease, leading to cost savings associated with rectifying inaccuracies and mitigating their potential impact on operations.

Seamless Data Integration and Migration

Comparison aids in integrating data seamlessly and ensures a smooth transition during migration processes. This guarantees the consistency and reliability of information across systems.

Enhanced Analytics for Deeper Insights

Comparing data allows for enhanced analytics, uncovering correlations and trends critical for deeper insights into customer behaviours and preferences.





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