Congruence in customer data refers to the consistency and accuracy of customer information within a record

With DQ for Excel™ you can perform multiple congruency checks including: whether an emails mailbox correctly aligns with the name on the customer record, or, if any email, phone or URL input values are incongruent with the records country indicators, and many more…

Identify data dislocation

Detect the misalignment of data with ease which is often caused during data import or integration.


Congruence Use Case Examples

Congruence examines the coherence between data field valuesi.e., Check if a country aligns with an email address, telephone number or a URL. etc. 

Country to Email

Country to Email checking to identify the degree to which they are congruent with each other.

Email Country Code Details GB 1 TRUE GB 0 FALSE GB 2 Unknown 
Country to URL

Country to URL checking to identify the degree to which they are congruent with each other.

URL Country Code Details GB 1 TRUE GB 2 Unknown US 0 FALSE 
Country to Phone

Country to Phone checking to identify the degree to which they are congruent with each other.

Phone Country Code Details 
44751 1111 111 GB 1 TRUE 
11111 1111 111 GB 0 FALSE 
47511 1111 111 GB 0 FALSE 

Business Benefits of Data Congruence Checking:

Reduced brand damage
Early identification of process, data import, or migration errors
More efficiently target and segment sales and marketing campaigns
Improved personalisation
Improved customer trust and reputation
Maintain accurate data

Why Congruence Data in Excel?

Leverage DQ for Excel for Congruency Checks

Utilise DQ for Excel to conduct various congruency checks effortlessly. These checks include validating if an email’s mailbox aligns with the customer record’s name or detecting incongruencies between email, phone, or URL inputs and their associated country indicators.

Ensuring Consistency and Accuracy

Congruence in customer data underscores the need for consistency and accuracy within each record. It’s pivotal for maintaining reliable and accurate customer information.

Targeted Sales and Marketing Efforts

Identifying and rectifying data misalignment ensures more efficient targeting and segmentation for sales and marketing campaigns, maximising their effectiveness.

Improved Personalisation

Congruent data enables better personalisation in customer interactions, leading to more meaningful and tailored experiences.






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