In an increasingly customer-centric world, the ability to capture and use customer insights to shape products, solutions, and the buying experience is critically important.

Your existing data can be a great source of further data and insights when you append further information that can be derived from your existing data.

For example, from an email, you might derive whether it is personal, business, or role-based.  The possible gender of the recipient and the country to which it relates.

Derive Use Case Examples

Derive allows you to obtain additional data from another piece of data by analysing its structure, pattern or values. 


Derive the Country name, by analysing multiple country identifiers, including: Email, URL, Telephone Number, Country and City.


Email URL Address Phone Country City 0344 800 2400 US Redmond 6502530000 US California 



Country Name Congruent To Given Country Match Certainty Country Identifier – ISO 2 Country Identifier – ISO 3 Dialling Code 
United States Of America TRUE 80 US USA 1 
United States Of America TRUE 80 US USA 1 


Email Type

Derive from the email type to identify if the domain is Business or Personal and if the mailbox is personal or generic.

Input Domain Type Mailbox Type Business Personal FreeProvider Personal Business Generic 

Analyse any given name (First Name) to determine the likely gender. i.e., MALE, FEMALE, EITHER or UNKNOWN.

Name Gender Result Code 
Mary Female 0 
Martin Male 1 
Sam Either 2 

Using a postcode or ZipoCode and a country identifier find out the State/County it belongs to, as well as the its longitude and latitude. 

Postcode Country Identifier – ISO 2 County Latitude Longitude 
PO13 9FU GB Hampshire 50.81258193 -1.194509243 
98052 US King 47.6718 -122.1232 
94043 US Santa Clara 37.4056 -122.0775 

Business Benefits of Deriving Additional Data:

Personalised marketing
Enhanced customer experience
Improved marketing segmentation and targeting
Improved marketing ROI
Gain customer insights
Help understand customer preferences and behaviours

Why Derive Data in Excel?

Leveraging Customer Insights

In a world prioritising customer-centric approaches, harnessing customer insights is paramount. Deriving further information from existing data opens avenues to shape products, solutions, and refine the overall buying experience.

Unlock Insights Within Your Data

Appending additional information derived from your existing data enriches your understanding. For instance, from an email, derive indicators like its nature (personal, business, role-based), potential gender of the recipient, and relevant country details.

Elevated Customer Experience

Understanding your customers deeply allows for a more tailored and seamless experience. Deriving additional data helps you refine interactions, resulting in an enhanced customer journey and satisfaction.

Precision in Segmentation & Targeting

Derived data refines marketing segmentation and targeting. It ensures that your efforts are focused, reaching the right audience with the right message, thereby enhancing your marketing ROI.




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