Data Parsing

Data parsing is the process of splitting data out into its constituent parts so you gain additional value and insights from your existing customer data.

For example:

  • An email address is made up of components (Mailbox (Local part), Domain, Top Level Domain (TLD)
  • A Telephone number has multiple components (Country, Number, Prefix, Type)
  • A website (URL) has components (Host, Scheme, Port, Path).

All of these can be split out to provide separate data elements for better analysis and use.


Parse Use Case Examples

Parse allows you to analyse and resolve data into its component parts. 


Identify the parts of an email addresses to separate into different fields i.e. mailbox, local part, domain and top-level domain.

Email Mailbox Local Part Domain TLD test com 

Identify the parts of a phone number to split into different fields, including: extension, national number and number type by inputting only a phone number and a country identifier.


Phone Number Country Identifier – ISO 2 
+447511111111 GB 
02392111111 GB 
0344 800 2400 GB 



Country Code Extension National Number Number Type 
44  7511111111 MOBILE 
44  2392111111 FIXED_LINE 
44  3448002400 UAN 
Website (URL)

Identify the parts of a URL (Website) to split into different data fields. i.e., host, scheme, host name type, port, path and query from one or more URL’s.

URL Address Host Scheme Host Name Type Path and Query Port https Dns /home 443 http Dns /example?value=1 80 

Business Benefits of Customer Data Parsing:

Efficient Data Processing
Enhanced Data Accuracy
Improved Search and Retrieval
Enhanced Analytics and Reporting
Data Enrichment

Why Parse Data in Excel?

Unlock Additional Insights

Data parsing involves breaking down customer data into its fundamental components, allowing for deeper insights and added value from existing datasets.

Improved Search and Retrieval

Parsed data allows for more efficient search and retrieval processes, enabling quicker access to specific data elements within large datasets.

Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

Parsed data elements facilitate more detailed and accurate analytics and reporting, offering granular insights for informed decision-making.

Data Enrichment

Parsing enriches existing datasets by extracting specific components, providing enriched data for deeper analysis.




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