Perform data validation in Excel to ensure your customer data is up to date and accurate

Using DQ for Excel tools you can check the syntactical validity of phone numbers, email addresses, I.P. address, URL’s and more.

By addressing these syntactical issues within your customer data, you can enhance the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, reduce the likelihood of communication errors, and improve the accuracy and completeness of your customer database.


Validate Use Case Examples

Validate Email Addresses, Postcodes, URL‘s, Telephone Numbers and dates to check they are syntactically correct. 

Date and Time
Date Time

Date Time detects whether or not they are valid by scoring them TRUE or FALSE.

Date Time Format Output 
01-01-2020 dd-MM-yyyy TRUE 
40-01-2020 dd-MM-yyyy FALSE 
01-20-2020 dd-MM-yyyy FALSE 

Confirm email validity by analysing the pattern of the email and scoring them TRUE or FALSE.


Confirm phone number validity by analysing the pattern of the phone number and scoring them TRUE or FALSE.

Telephone Country Identifier – ISO 2 Output 
07511111111 GB TRUE 
0751111111 GB FALSE 
075111111111 GB FALSE 

Confirm UK Postcode validity by analysing the pattern of the postal code and scoring them TRUE or FALSE.

Postcode Country Identifier – ISO 2 Output 
P-O-1-3-9-F-U GB FALSE 
Website (URL)

Confirm URL Address (Website) validity by analysing the pattern of the URL and scoring them TRUE or FALSE.

URL Address Output TRUE 
microsoft,,com FALSE 
microsoft.,com FALSE 

Business Benefits of Validating your Customer Data:

Improved marketing communications
Reduced email bounce rates and dialing failures
Quick identification of defective data
Avoids unnecessary waste
Reduces defective counts and segmentation selections
Enhanced customer satisfaction

Why Validate Data in Excel?

Improve Marketing Efficiency

Data validation in Excel will ensure that your customer information is accurate and up-to-date. This will ensure you avoid sending communications to incorrect addresses or contacting customers with outdated contact information.

Reduce Costs

Validating data in Excel can help reduce marketing and communication costs. By ensuring that you have accurate data, you can avoid wasting money on unnecessary communications and outreach.

Improve the Customer Experience

Excel data validation can help improve the overall customer experience. When customers receive communications with accurate information, they are more likely to view your business as organised and professional, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


By validating your customer data in Excel, you can ensure that you are complying with regulations and avoiding potential legal issues.






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