Obtain more accuracy, consistency, and completeness of your existing address records by checking them against reliable and trusted international postal authority data.

With DQ for Excel™ you can bulk match your address (location) records against international postal authority reference data, covering 240 Countries, to verify address data and add attributes like geo-codes and other useful location data.


Verify Use Case Examples

Match address records against postal reference data from worldwide postal authorities including: Royal Mail, Canada Post, USPS etc. 


Verify if an address exists and return a completed and formatted address with geocode, (latitude and longitude). 


Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3 Postcode City State/Province Country Identifier – ISO 2 
Merlin House 4 Meteor Way Fareham PO13 9FU Lee-on-the-Solent Hampshire GB 



DQ Address Line 1 DQ Address Line 2 DQ Address Line 3 DQ Address Line 4 DQ City DQ Country District DQ State/Province DQ Postcode DQ Country DQ Country Identifier – ISO 2 DQ Country Identifier – ISO 3 Status DQ Latitude DQ Longitude 
Merlin House 4 Meteor Way Fareham N/A Lee-on-the-Solent Fareham Hampshire PO13 9FU Untied Kingdom GB GBR    

Business Benefits of Verifying your Customer Address Data:

More Efficient Deliveries
Enhanced Customer Experience
Improved Localised Marketing
Enhanced Geographic Insights
Better Data Integration and Standardisation
Improved Geotargeting and Location-Based Services

Why Verify Data in Excel?

Leverage DQ for Excel for Address Verification

DQ for Excel allows bulk matching of address records against international postal authority reference data covering 240 countries. This process verifies addresses and supplements them with additional attributes like geo-codes, enhancing location-based data.

Complete and Accurate Location Data

Verifying addresses ensures that the location data you have on file for your customers is complete and postally correct. It helps to remediate errors that often occur when address information is mistyped during data entry.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring that your customers’ contact information is accurate using data verification in Excel can help improve customer satisfaction. It shows that you care about the accuracy of the information you have on file for them and that you are committed to providing them with the best possible service.

Delivery of Important Information

If you have incorrect contact information for a customer, important information such as billing statements, invoices, or other critical communications may not reach them. Verifying their contact information ensures that these communications are delivered successfully.




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