How to update customer and vendor data entities in D365 BC

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV or Navision) allows you to update data entities dynamically through Microsoft Excel. 

This is typically done using a feature called “Edit in Excel” or “Export to Excel.” 

Here’s how it generally works: 

1. Export to Excel

You can export data from Business Central to an Excel spreadsheet. This data can include things like customer lists, vendor information, inventory items, and more. To do this, you usually have an “Export to Excel” option within Business Central.

2. Edit in Excel

Once you have exported the data to Excel, you can make changes, updates, or additions directly in the spreadsheet. This is often used for tasks like mass data entry or bulk updates. In our use case, using the DQ for Excel Add-In you can easily and quickly: validate, format, verify, authenticate, suppress, and enrich data with ease and dynamically update your records, avoiding the error prone process of data export and re-import.

3. Import back to Business Central

After making the necessary changes in Excel, you can import the updated spreadsheet back into Business Central. The system will typically have a feature like “Import from Excel” or “Update from Excel” that allows you to map the Excel columns to the corresponding fields in Business Central.


This feature can be particularly useful for updating customer and vendor records, It helps users work with data in a familiar Excel interface while ensuring that the data remains synchronised with the ERP system. 

Note: the specific functionality and steps may vary depending on the version of Business Central you’re using and any customisations or extensions that have been applied to your system. 

It’s essential to consult the documentation or seek guidance from your IT department or Business Central administrator for precise instructions tailored to your setup. 

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