In this FAQ section, we aim to address the most common queries and concerns you may have about DQ for Excel.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the capabilities, the data behind the tools, installation process or pricing, you’ll find the answers here. We’re committed to providing you with the information you need to make the most out of this powerful tool and elevate your customer data quality within Excel.

What is DQ for Excel?

DQ For Excel is a Microsoft Add-in that works right inside Microsoft Excel, it’s familiar and simple to use! Import data from almost any source, prepare it, master it and perfect it; then upload it back to almost any target. Process hundreds of thousands of records at once and only pay for your usage on a credit based model. 

DQ For Excel is powered by DQ on Demand, DQ Global’s Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) Data Quality Improvement Platform. 

What is DQ on Demand™?

DQ on Demand is a Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) Data Quality Improvement Platform. DQ on Demand delivers a suite of data quality improvement utilities, designed to make the task of enterprise data management simpler. 

How long does it take to set up DQ for Excel?

DQ for Excel can be installed in minutes from the Microsoft Office store. 

Where can I install DQ for Excel?

DQ for Excel can be found in the Microsoft Office store which you can access via heading to the Insert tab within Microsoft Excel and selecting ‘Get Add-ins’. 

A full Installation Guide can be found here. 

How much does DQ for Excel™ cost?

Billing for DQ for Excel is transactional, i.e. each request will consume credits, which can be spent on any of the available services. The application can be installed free of charge from the Microsoft Store. 

What happens when I run out of DQ Credits?

You will need to purchase additional credits through your account via the DQ Shop 

How do I top up my credits?

You can top up and buy additional credits through your DQ Shop user account please go to  

What are DQ Credits and how much do they cost each?

DQ Credits are a form of digital currency you purchase in advance to consume on a host of data quality improvement services.

Each DQ Credit notionally represents 1/10th or a penny i.e., £0.001 and each service requires a different number of credits 

You can purchase DQ Credits in packs.  The larger the pack, the better the effective discount 

For the individual service costs see our pricing

How long to DQ Credits last i.e., do they expire?

DQ Credits have a life of one yearIf not consumed, they roll off of your stock on a First in First out basis. 

Will I be charged if my operation isn't successful?

If the operation was not processed by DQ on Excel then no charge will apply. 

What is the difference between data Validation, Formatting, Verification and Authentication

Validation checks the syntactical validity of phone numbers, email addresses, I.P. address, URL’s and more. 

Formatting Corrects common formatting mistakes and ensure all your customer data follows the correct local formatting protocols to improve the quality, accuracy, and usability of your customer data. 

Verification Is the process of referencing your location data against reliable and trusted international postal authority data covering 240 Countries, to verify and add attributes like geo-codes and other useful location data. 

Authentication – Authentication is a silent process used to verify that email addresses or telephone numbers are legitimate and will deliver or dial 

Ensuring the deliverability of email addresses and dial-ability of phone numbers is essential for effective communication and maintenance of a reliable customer database. 

How can I ensure that my emails will deliver?

Our email authentication capability will silently confirm deliverability with the mail server and flag the email as either deliverable or undeliverable.

This goes beyond simple syntax checking for an @ symbol and a valid domain, our email authentication service detects whether the email mailbox is genuine and can receive mail, which helps to maintain your sender reputation and reduces waste 

Does email authentication work for both business and personal email addresses?

Yes, it can be used to check for both business and personal email addresses 

Does email authentication work internationally?

Yes, email authentication is not geographically dependent so it works globally 

Why is email authentication important?

It reduces the number of hard bounces which will protect your domains sender reputation. 

It reduces the cost associated with email sends to undeliverable emails 

It improves the trustworthiness of marketing metrics to ensure volume counts are correct. 

How can I ensure that my phone numbers will dial?

Our phone authentication capability will silently line test a telephone number to identify if it can be dialled or not and flag it accordingly 

Can I verify and correct international addresses

Yes – Addresses can be checked (verified) against international postal authority data obtained from providers including: USPS, Canada Post, the UK’s Royal Mail, Australia Post etc. to confirm it is a postally deliverable address, and format it according to local country standards. 

Can I find and buy (acquire) marketable Accounts and Contacts

Yes – Our MarketBase offerings: Acquire, Enrich and Refresh all reference data from over 20 trusted UK data providersYou can define a filtered query and buy businesses and marketable contact to improve your marketing coverage here

What can be done to add (append) data values to my records?

You can match your existing customer data back to the MarketBase database which contains up to 5 million Companies and Employee Contacts for enrichment. 
Using this insight you can identify why your best customers are the best and then using that insight identify new (look-alike) prospects with the same characteristics  

Can I refresh my B2B customer data and not pay the same again?

Yes – You can refresh your database and overwrite with new data. And only be charged for changed data. 
Note:  Please restrict your refresh query to only where there is new data, or you will be charged for each refresh request. 

What is MarketBase?

MarketBase is a UK based B2B database aggregated from over 20 trusted sources to create a complete reference data set of over 5 million B2B records, which may be used to acquire, enrich and refresh UK B2B records. 

What record suppression capabilities are there?

You can suppress UK based B2C records who are either deceased (passed away) or have moved (gone away). 
Additionally, you may suppress individuals and businesses who have registered the UK’s Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or Corporate Telephone Preference Service (cTPS 

Can deceased contact records be identified and suppressed?

Yes – you can suppress UK based B2C records who are deceased (passed away) 

Can gone-away contact records be suppressed?

Yes – you can suppress UK based B2C records who have moved (gone away) 

Can I suppress phone numbers on the UK’s telephone preference list?

Yes – you can suppress individuals and businesses who have registered the UK’s Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or Corporate Telephone Preference Service (cTPS) 

How does silent phone number authentication work?

Our phone authentication service goes beyond simply checking the validity and format of a phone number, it performs a real-time line test, ‘ping, to determine if a phone number is active and will receive calls or texts. 

Can phone authentication be used to check mobile and landline numbers?

Yes, our phone authentication service can check for both mobile and landline phone numbers. However, not all countries support this capability. 

Does phone number validation work internationally?

Yes, our phone authentication capability is an international service with global coverage.  However, not all countries support this capability. 

Does phone validation work for business and personal numbers?

Yes, both business and personal phone numbers can be checked for validity. 

Can I deduplicate my data?

Yes and No – We provide the ability to (a) standardize names like: Susan, Suzy and Suzanna to Sue or Bob, Bobby, Robert etc, to Rob and also (b) apply sounds like (phonetic) token generation so names like: Thompson, Tomson and Tompson can all be phonetically matched with ease, using the default duplicate checking in MS Excel. 

What can I validate?

You can validate a wide range of data see Validate

What can I format?

You can format a wide range of data. See Format

What can I verify?

You can verify addresses globally to ensure they are postally deliverable and in the correct local formats see Verify

What can I standardise?

You can standardise a wide range of data

How long does it take to process?

Each service has different performance characteristics; however, it is generally very fast, and we continually optimise its performance 

How do I know how many credits have been used and remain?

Within DQ for Excel you simply check your balance under the account management section.  When you access this area, you will be shown your usage and balances.


What is the difference between DQ’s Capabilities and Solutions? 

The Capabilities consist of the DQ actions which can be performed on various types of data whilst the Solutions refer to the types of customer data the capabilities can be performed upon 

What are DQ for Excel’s capabilities?

Listed below are the capabilities (actions) that can be performed on various types of customer data to improve its quality:

  • Authenticate – Live testing of phones and emails for authenticity 
  • Compare – Compare data values in Excel 
  • Congruence -Check the alignment of data elements
  • Derive – Obtain new data from existing
  • Format – Correctly format your customer data
  • Parse– Split your phones, emails, etc. into its parts 
  • Suppress – Flag deceased, gone away, and do not call
  • Transform – Standardize your customer data
  • Validate – Check the syntax of email, phone, etc.
  • Verify – Confirm an Address exists worldwide
  • Generate – Create Phonetic Tokens for matching and Produce String Patterns for Analysis  
What are DQ for Excel’s Solutions to improve customer data?

Listed below are all the types of customer data that our capabilities (actions) can be performed upon to improve customer data quality:

  • Company – Acquire, Enrich and Refresh B2B Data
  • Country – Standardize and Derive additional country-related data
  • Email – Parse, Format, Validate, and Authenticate emails
  • Job Title – Standardize and Derive roles and levels
  • Location – Format, Verify, and Enrich international addresses
  • Person – Acquire, Format, Transform, Suppress, and Derive
  • Phone – Parse, Format, Validate and Authenticate phones
  • Postcode – Validate, Derive, and Format international postcodes
  • Website – Format, Parse and Enrich
Can I obtain GeoCode (latitude and longitude) data when I verify an address?

Yes, where available from the address verification data providers, we will return geocoordinates and append them to your spreadsheet’s workbook 

What accuracy (precision) is the coordinate information?

The default geocoding service will return a latitude and longitude to a central point of a postcode, which is accurate to approximately 100m 

What countries, languages, scripts and formats are coverage are available for address verification?

There are more than 250 continuously changing countries and territories, multiple languages, 139-character scripts and over 130 different address formats covered. 
Note: Not all countries have the same postal coverage, however, most major countries have coverage to premise level. 

How often is addressing reference data updated?

The UK’s Postcode Address File (PAF) ® data, is updated around 5,000 times each day to ensure the information you receive is as accurate and current as possible. 

What are the benefits of international address verification?

Verifying overseas addresses means that any mailings sent to foreign addresses will be in the appropriate format and language, reducing the likelihood of misspellings or causing offense.  With over 120 different address formats globally, and 30 different language scripts, keeping global address data correct is a constant challenge. 

Can I add a postcode from an incomplete address?

Yes, address verification can help you to append a postcode from a partial address, you will normally need the premise number and the street, town and the country to achieve this. 

When my address data is incomplete or poorly formatted, will the address verification capability help me cleanse it?

Yes, where possible, our address verification (cleansing) capability takes the input you provide, pre-processes it and compares (verifies) it against trusted postal authority data.  
Where match can be made, with a high enough level of certainty, we will return a consistently formatted and complete address which is fit for postal use. 
Where a match cannot be made a reason code/description is reported 

Do you overwrite my existing addresses with the results of the verified (cleansed) address?

This depends on your mapping of the output, whilst we do not recommend overwriting the original address it is possible. 
A better solution is to append the matched address into new columns to the right of the addresses you currently have, or place in a fresh worksheet. 

Are records grouped for processing?

Records are processed in batches of 1,000 for all first party functions. 

Who can I contact for support using the application?

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Written by Martin Doyle

Martin is CEO and founder of DQ Global, a Data Quality Software company based in the UK. With an engineering background, Martin previously ran a CRM Software business. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and has established himself as a Data Quality Improvement Evangelist and an industry expert.

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