In this FAQ section, we aim to answer the common queries and concerns you may have about DQ Credits DQ used in DQ for Excel™.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the capabilities, the data behind the tools, the installation process, or pricing, you’ll find the answers here.

We’re committed to providing you with the information you need to make the most out of this powerful tool and elevate your customer data quality within Excel.

What is DQ for Excel™?

DQ For Excel™ is a Microsoft Add-in that works right inside Microsoft Excel, it’s familiar and simple to use! Import data from almost any source, prepare it, master it, and perfect it; then upload it back to almost any target.

Process hundreds of thousands of records at once and only pay for your usage on a credit-based model. 

DQ For Excel is powered by DQ on Demand™, DQ Global’s Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) Data Quality Improvement Platform. 

What is DQ on Demand™?

DQ on Demand™ is a Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) Data Quality Improvement Platform. DQ on Demand delivers a suite of data quality improvement utilities, designed to make the task of enterprise data management simpler. 

How long does it take to set up DQ for Excel™ and apply DQ Credits™?

DQ for Excel™ can be installed in minutes from the Microsoft Office store.

You purchase DQ Credits™ from  DQ Credits can be purchased in bundles for better value as needed.

How much does DQ for Excel™ cost?

Billing for DQ for Excel is transactional, i.e. each request will consume credits, which can be spent on any of the available services. The application can be installed free of charge from the Microsoft Store. 

What happens when I run out of DQ Credits?

You will need to purchase additional credits through your account via the DQ Shop 

How do I top up my credits?

You can top up and buy additional credits through your DQ Shop user account please go to

What are DQ Credits and how much do they cost each?

DQ Credits are a form of digital currency you purchase in advance to consume on a host of data quality improvement services.

Each DQ Credit notionally represents 1/10th or a penny i.e., £0.001 and each service requires a different number of credits 

You can purchase DQ Credits in packs.  The larger the pack, the better the effective discount 

For the individual service costs see our pricing

How long to DQ Credits last i.e., do they expire?

DQ Credits have a life of one yearIf not consumed, they roll off of your stock on a First in First out basis. 

Will I be charged DQ Credits if my operation isn't successful?

If the operation was not processed by DQ on Excel then no charge will apply. 

How do I know how many DQ Credits have been used and remain?

Within DQ for Excel you simply check your balance under the account management section.  When you access this area, you will be shown your usage and balances.


What can I spend DQ Credits on?

Listed below are the capabilities (actions) that can be performed on various types of customer data to improve its quality:

  • Authenticate – Live testing of phones and emails for authenticity 
  • Compare – Compare data values in Excel 
  • Congruence -Check the alignment of data elements
  • Derive – Obtain new data from existing
  • Format – Correctly format your customer data
  • Parse– Split your phones, emails, etc. into its parts 
  • Suppress – Flag deceased, gone away, and do not call
  • Transform – Standardize your customer data
  • Validate – Check the syntax of email, phone, etc.
  • Verify – Confirm an Address exists worldwide
  • Generate – Create Phonetic Tokens for matching and Produce String Patterns for Analysis  
What types of data can I cleanse by consuming DQ Credits?

Listed below are all the types of customer data that our capabilities (actions) can be performed upon to improve customer data quality:

  • Company – Acquire, Enrich and Refresh B2B Data
  • Country – Standardize and Derive additional country-related data
  • Email – Parse, Format, Validate, and Authenticate emails
  • Job Title – Standardize and Derive roles and levels
  • Location – Format, Verify, and Enrich international addresses
  • Person – Acquire, Format, Transform, Suppress, and Derive
  • Phone – Parse, Format, Validate and Authenticate phones
  • Postcode – Validate, Derive, and Format international postcodes
  • Website – Format, Parse and Enrich
Who can I contact for support using the application?

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Written by Martin Doyle

Martin is CEO and founder of DQ Global, a Data Quality Software company based in the UK. With an engineering background, Martin previously ran a CRM Software business. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and has established himself as a Data Quality Improvement Evangelist and an industry expert.

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