In this FAQ section, we aim to address the most common queries and concerns you may have about MarketBase in DQ for Excel.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the capabilities, the data behind the tools, the installation process, or pricing, you’ll find the answers here.

We’re committed to providing you with the information you need to make the most out of this powerful tool and elevate your customer data quality within MS Excel.

What is DQ for Excel?

DQ For Excel is a Microsoft Add-in that works right inside Microsoft Excel, it’s familiar and simple to use! Import data from almost any source, prepare it, master it and perfect it; then upload it back to almost any target. Process hundreds of thousands of records at once and only pay for your usage on a credit based model. 

DQ For Excel is powered by DQ on Demand, DQ Global’s Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) Data Quality Improvement Platform. 

What is the difference between the MarketBase, Acquire, Enrich and Refresh capabilities

There are currently three capabilities: Acquire, Enrich, and Refresh.  Each has different uses:

  • Acquire allows you to purchase data based upon flexible search criteria, right from within MS Excel.  You can acquire either Company or Contact records.  Contact Basic is a full record without an email, whereas Contact Complete is a Basic record + email.
  • Enrich has two stages:
    • Step 1 Match and Append which allows you to append the MarketBase record ID and basic information about a company at no charge. For best results use the Company Name and Address to avoid returning unnecessary record matches.
    • Step 2 Enrich uses either the MarketBase Company ID and/or Site ID to retrieve the Company’s additional data, see the Enrich page for a complete list of attributes appended.
  • Refresh also uses the MarketBase ID’s for either Company or Contact data refreshes.
      • (Note: with the correct refresh criteria, only data that has changed since the last refresh will be charged.
How much does each MarketBase transaction cost?

Billing for the MarketBase functionality within DQ for Excel is transactional, i.e., each request: Acquire, Enrich, and Refresh will consume credits. See the pricing page here for specific pricing.

What happens when I run out of DQ Credits?

You will need to purchase additional credits through your account via the DQ Shop 

How do I top up my DQ Credits?

You can top up and buy additional credits through your DQ Shop user account please go to  

What are DQ Credits and how much do they cost each?

DQ Credits are a form of digital currency you purchase in advance to consume on a host of data quality improvement services.

Each DQ Credit notionally represents 1/10th or a penny i.e., £0.001 and each service requires a different number of credits 

You can purchase DQ Credits in packs.  The larger the pack, the better the effective discount 

For the individual service costs see our pricing

How long to DQ Credits last i.e., do they expire?

DQ Credits have a life of one yearIf not consumed, they roll off of your stock on a First in First out basis. 

Will I be charged if my operation isn't successful?

If the operation was not processed by DQ on Excel then no charge will apply. 

Can I find and buy (acquire) marketable Accounts and Contacts

Yes – Our MarketBase offerings: Acquire, Enrich and Refresh all reference data from over 20 trusted UK data providersYou can define a filtered query and buy businesses and marketable contact to improve your marketing coverage here

What can be done to add to enrich by appending data values to my existing Company records?

You can match and Enrich your existing customer data back to the MarketBase database which contains up to 5 million Companies and Employee Contacts for enrichment. 
Using this insight you can identify why your best customers are the best and then using that insight identify new (look-alike) prospects with the same characteristics.

Can I refresh my B2B customer data and not pay the same again?

Yes – You can refresh your database and overwrite it with the latest and most current data. And only be charged for the records that have changed since the last time the data was acquired or refreshed. 
Note:  Please restrict your refresh query to only where there is new data, or you will be charged for each refresh request. 

What is MarketBase?

MarketBase is a UK-based B2B database aggregated from over 20 trusted sources to create a complete reference data set of over 5 million B2B records, which may be used to acquire, enrich, and refresh UK B2B records. 

Can I deduplicate my MarketBase data?

Duplicate detection is made easier using any combination of ID’s returned.  i.e., CompanyID, SiteID, and PersonID can be used to identify duplicate records matched from your data to the MarketBase reference data.

What data is returned with the initial Enrich (Match and Append) Request

The following variables are returned when the initial Match and Append phase of Enrich is initiated.

  • Input Name
  • Score
  • Score Type
  • Company ID
  • Company Registration Number
  • Name
  • Site ID
  • Name
  • Addressline1
  • Addressline2
  • Addressline3
  • Addressline4
  • Town
  • County
  • Postcode
  • Country
  • Branch Flag
  • Company Live Flag

Please refer to the MarketBase Enrich documentation to assist in the appending of data attributes to your existing marketing data.

How long does MarketBase take to process?

Each of the MarketBase services has different performance characteristics; however, it is generally very fast, and we continually seek to optimize its performance.

How do I know how many MarketBase credits have been used and remain?

Within DQ for Excel, you simply check your DQ Credits balance under the account management section.  When you access this area, you will be shown your usage and balances.


Can I obtain GeoCode (latitude and longitude) from MarketBase?

Not from MarketBase, however, they are available from our address verification service where we will return geocoordinates and append them to your spreadsheet’s workbook.

The default geocoding service will return a latitude and longitude to a central point of a postcode, which is accurate to approximately 100m

Does MarketBase work on data outside of the UK?

Currently, MarketBase is UK-based.  It is a B2B Company and key decision-making Employee reference data set.

How often is MarketBase reference data updated?

It is made up of over 20 trusted data suppliers and aggregated to form a unified master database.  There are constant refreshes of data that are made online so you can be sure the data is complete and up to date.

Because the data is constantly updated you can be sure when you refresh your records you are getting the latest and most compete data.

What are the benefits of MarketBase verification?

Verifying your marketing data against MarketBase ensures it is complete, up to date, and can be trusted for better decision-making.

Once matched back to MarketBase, you will have Company, Site, and Contact ID’s which are invaluable for de-duplication, record refresh, and acquisition of selected contacts by role and level from companies you want to trade with.

Do you overwrite my existing records when enriching or refreshing against the MarketBase data ?

This depends on your mapping of the output, whilst we do not recommend overwriting the original fields it is possible. 
A better solution is to append the matched data attributes into new columns to the right of the addresses you currently have or place them into a fresh worksheet. 

Who can I contact for support using the application?

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Why is MarketBase a market lading source of data

“MarketBase leverages Experian’s BusinessView reference data, which is the result of Experian’s extensive expertise in acquiring, analyzing, and consolidating prominent B2B datasets from the UK, Ireland, and other regions for nearly four decades.

MarketBase embodies three key principles:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: It strives to encompass as many businesses within the UK market as possible.
  2. Diverse Data: It aims to maximize both the quantity and variety of information available for each company.
  3. Data Integrity: Utilising sophisticated validation methods developed over years, it efficiently identifies and eliminates inconsistent or inaccurate data, ensuring data reliability and accuracy.”
What sources of data make up MarketBase

In the UK in particular, the range of commercially available sources includes:

  1. Government databases (for example Companies House, Register of Charities), this is there for official company registration purposes and the filing of accounts and other company documents.
  2. Open government data (for example, FSA, Council data, Licensed premises data) is available under the terms of the Open Government License.
  3. Online Business Directories (for example Thomson, 118 information), where the primary aim is exposure to customers and therefore reliable in terms of contact information).
  4. Specialist databases (for example Infynd, Veridion, Corpfin), which focus on gathering multiple contact information for all businesses in the market, and sometimes with specific depth of data such as fleet or M&A information.
  5. Web-harvested information helps to validate other data sources as well as provide detailed information rarely found elsewhere.

The data collected by us is the foundation of the goods and services we offer and, as with the combination of data sources, the combination of individual items of information and human analytics can create data outputs for specific use cases (such as modeling, segmentations) which are more powerful than the individual items provided by our suppliers.

For a more detailed explanation of our sources please refer to Experians’ marketing transparency notice which can be found here:

On what basis is DQ Global able to process B2B email data?

DQ Global using Experian data relies on Legitimate Interests as our lawful basis for processing B2B email data and fully complies with both the GDPR and PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations).

Sole Traders and some partnerships are treated as individuals – so you can only email or text them if they have specifically consented, or if they bought a similar product from you in the past and didn’t opt out from marketing messages when you gave them a chance.

You can email or text ANY corporate body (a company, a Scottish partnership, a limited liability partnership, or a government body) just as long as you offer that company the chance to opt-out and keep a suppression list of any opt-outs you receive so that you can screen those companies out of future campaigns.

Using targeted lists provided by MarketBase will help to ensure that you have a legitimate interest in contacting those companies included in campaigns you do contact.

Can I select data by Region?

Yes, you may select from the following regions:

  • Connacht
  • East Anglia
  • East Midlands
  • Leinster
  • London
  • Munster
  • North East
  • North West
  • Northern Ireland
  • Offshore
  • Scotland
  • South East
  • South West
  • Ulster
  • Wales
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire / Humberside
Can I select by SIC Codes

Yes, you may select from over 300+ criteria, including SIC codes.

For a list of SIC Codes, please refer to



Can I select by Postcode Area?

Yes, you can select by postcode area, these are the first one or two characters of a UK postal code. Some examples include:

  • AB Aberdeen
  • AL St Albans
  • BH Bournemouth
  • E   East London
  • G  Glasgow
  • SO Southampton
  • ZE  Lerwick


Is a radius search around a postcode possible?

Not at the time of writing.  This may become a feature in the future.


Written by Martin Doyle

Martin is CEO and founder of DQ Global, a Data Quality Software company based in the UK. With an engineering background, Martin previously ran a CRM Software business. He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and has established himself as a Data Quality Improvement Evangelist and an industry expert.

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