A company’s name is the foundation of their brand identity and plays a vital role in shaping customer perceptions.

Company name data can be inconsistent, for example: McDonald’s, McDonalds, McDonald’s Corporation, McDonald’s Restaurants, McDonald’s Corp, McDonalds Inc.

Ensuring the correctness of company names across all channels and interactions is essential for building trust, establishing credibility, and maintaining a strong brand image.

Furthermore, consistency of Company names assists with de-duplication within applications and customer data mastering across business applications and databases.


Business Benefits of Company Data Cleansing:

Accurate Reporting and Analysis
Personalisation and Customer Service
Enhanced Marketing Campaigns
Improved Lead Qualification
Optimised Resource Allocation
Enhanced Vendor Relationships

Cleansing company data offers a range of benefits that improve various aspects of your business operations, from customer engagement and marketing to financial transactions and decision-making.

Optimise your B2B company data by matching and verifying company names against a trusted reference data source.

Company Data Cleansing Capabilities:


Feature - What is it

Refers to the standardised structure, arrangement, and presentation of the company name following established conventions. 

Benefit - What does it do for you

Properly formatted company names contribute to a positive brand image and facilitate accurate communication, recognition and better response rates.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the process of enhancing or adding value to the company’s data, information, resources, or capabilities. 

Benefit - What does it do for you

The benefits of data enrichment include improved decision-making, enhanced customer insights, effective marketing, competitive advantage, risk management, innovation, operational efficiency, personalised customer experiences, and the promotion of a data-driven organisational culture.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the ability to transform Company Name data (Abbreviate, Elaborate, Exclude, Normalize, Transliterate) in 5 spoken languages, (EN, FR, DE,  IT and ES) 

Benefit - What does it do for you

Standardise Company names so to a consistent format for better display, querying and market segmentation.

Feature - What is it

An ability to query and build a list of new or look-alike marketable Contacts at selected B2B Companies.

Benefit - What does it do for you

Expands the marketable audience of Contacts for more targeted marketing and better business results.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the process of refreshing or adding value to the data that you already have.

Benefit - What does it do for you

Refreshed Contact data enables companies to maintain their data to ensure it is GDPR Compliant, personalised and fit for use.

Feature - What is it

Compare data values to find their % similarity


Feature - What is it

Refers to the process of FCA Compliance checks in the UK to ensure complete, consistent, compliant, and current data is added.  

Benefit - What does it do for you

Provides certainty that any record in your database has been onboarded in a compliant manner or existing records are remediated and verified as compliant to mitigate the reputational risk associated with a data breach, avoiding regulatory fines.

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