The formatting of country fields in databases and systems is a frequently overlooked aspect with significant implications for data consistency and operational efficiency.

When country fields are formatted into a common agreed standard, businesses can eliminate inconsistencies, unlock additional data insights, improve record matching for Single Customer View (SCV) and Master Data Management (MDM) projects as well as assist with data migrations and integrations.

Embrace the power of standardised country fields to maximise the potential of your data and drive better business outcomes.


Business Benefits of Country Data Cleansing:

Better Demographic Customer Insight
More Efficient Marketing Campaign Targeting
Enhanced International Expansion
Localised Customer Engagement
Efficient Distribution and Logistics
Enhanced Customer Segmentation

Ensure all Country fields are formatted into a common agreed standard and additional data derived.

With our country format and standardisation tools, you can specify values for either abbreviations, expansion, or full country names, for all the countries in which your customers might maintain a residence, a mailing address, or a billing address. All within your Excel spreadsheets.

Country Data Cleansing Capabilities:


Feature - What is it

Refers to alignment checking between a country name to a phone, email or URL

Benefit - What does it do for you

This identifies any incorrect alignment of country to other fields, to avoid any embarrassment and potential for brand damage.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the process of deriving additional outputs, including: Country Name, Country – ISO 2 or 3, Dialling Code, Congruence to Given Country and Match Certainty using a choice of inputs:  email, phone, City, URL or Country Identifier.

Benefit - What does it do for you

Adds standardised country dependent data, which improves completeness, segmentation and overall data quality.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the process of Intelligently comparing customer data field values to determine their % similarity.

Benefit - What does it do for you

Helps with the % certainty of similarity between data field values for better certainty when matching values.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the ability to transform Country data (Abbreviate, Elaborate, Exclude, Normalize, Transliterate) in 5 spoken languages, (EN, FR, DE,  IT and ES)

Benefit - What does it do for you

Standardise Country names so to a consistent format for better display, querying and market segmentation.

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