Paying attention to correctly formatted job titles may seem like a small detail, but it has a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

Clear and accurate job title format, correct casing as an example: Sales Manager unless MD or CEO which are UPPER cased, improves communication, builds trust, and fosters personalised interactions, leading to stronger customer relationships.

When job titles are standardised, it becomes easier to search, filter, and segment contacts based on their roles and responsibilities. This accuracy leads to better decision-making and targeted marketing efforts.

Start implementing accurate job titles in your customer interactions to enhance satisfaction, build trust, and elevate the overall customer experience.


Business Benefits of Job Title Cleansing:

Enhanced Personalisation
Targeted Marketing Campaigns
Segmentation and Reporting
Enhanced Market Analysis
Effective Event Targeting
Better Customer Insights

Our job title formatting capability allows you to standardise the job titles in your customer data-base by correcting spelling, casing, and generating abbreviations, as well as appending job titles to your existing B2B data to improve the efficiency of your CRM.

Cleansing job title data enhances various aspects of business operations, from marketing and sales to customer service and strategic decision-making.

Job Title Cleansing Capabilities:


Feature - What is it

Derives the Job Role and Job Level from a Job Title which helps describe the nature of an employee’s position within an organisation.

Benefit - What does it do for you

These attributes help clarity likely responsibilities for segmentation and analysis purposes. Improve targeting and outreach engagement.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the process of Intelligently comparing customer data field values to determine their % similarity

Benefit - What does it do for you

Helps with the % certainty of similarity between data field values for better certainty when matching values.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the ability to transform Job Title data (Abbreviate, Elaborate, Exclude, Normalize, Transliterate) in 5 spoken languages, (EN, FR, DE,  IT and ES)

Benefit - What does it do for you

Standardise Job Titles to a consistent format for better display, querying and market segmentation.

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