Harness the power of location-based data, businesses to unlock deeper insights and drive more impactful marketing strategies.

When customers receive accurate deliveries in a timely manner, it enhances their overall satisfaction and builds trust in your brand. Verify customer addresses against international postal authority reference data to significantly improve the chances of successful deliveries.

By appending location-based data, businesses gain deeper insights, refine their marketing segmentation, and deliver more personalised experiences to their customers.


Business Benefits of International Address Cleansing:

Enhanced Delivery and Customer Experience
More Powerful Customer Segmentation
Better Campaign Targeting
Optimised Resource Allocation
Minimised Returns and Refunds
Consistent Customer Communication

Our address verification solution checks your address is deliverable by matching and verifying it and correcting as required against international postal reference data.

Bulk cleansing allows you to choose from and perform a series of actions to improve the quality of a your addresses.

Location Cleansing Capabilities:


Feature - What is it

For existing address records, it refers to the process of confirming the accuracy, authenticity, and legitimacy of a specific postal address, by comparing your existing addresses to trusted international postal authority data.

Benefit - What does it do for you

Addresses which have been verified, are complete, consistent, and postally deliverable, which like Search benefits navigation, business operations, emergency services, marketing, and various other applications which rely on precise location data.

Feature - What is it

Derive a list of candidate Countries from the supplied City

Benefit - What does it do for you

Allows a correct country to be added to an address which is missing a country. This helps with segmentation, formatting, validation etc.

Feature - What is it

Adds additional attribute values to a record based on an existing location record, including comprehensive HQ and Site information, SIC, Turnover, Employees etc.

Benefit - What does it do for you

With more comprehensive, complete and current address data, you will achieve better segmentation, better messaging, and better results.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the process of Intelligently comparing customer data field values to determine their % similarity

Benefit - What does it do for you

Helps with the % certainty of similarity between data field values for better certainty when matching values.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the ability to transform Address data (Abbreviate, Elaborate, Exclude, Normalize, Transliterate) in 5 spoken languages, (EN, FR, DE,  IT and ES)

Benefit - What does it do for you

Standardise Location names so to a consistent format for better display, querying and market segmentation.

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