Website address validation ensures that the website addresses stored in your CRM are accurate and functional. It helps prevent the inclusion of broken or outdated links that could lead to poor user experience or wasted time for your sales or marketing teams.

Improve sales and marketing efficiency by confirming the URLs associated with your contacts or leads are valid, allowing you to tailor your messaging, offers, or content to align with their specific industry, interests, or needs.

Correct common typing errors and ensure all Website URLs are of a valid format, are consistent and accessible with our website address validation solution.


Business Benefits of Website URL Cleansing:

Enhanced Lead Qualification
Avoidance of Spam or Malicious Links
Time and Resource Optimisation
Optimised SEO Efforts
Smoother Integration with CRM and Analytics
Better Insights into User Behavior

By incorporating website URL cleansing into your data management practices, you can enjoy these benefits and ensure a more effective and successful online presence.

Bulk cleansing allows you to choose from and perform a series of actions to improve the quality of a your websites.

Website URL Cleansing Capabilities:


Feature - What is it

Adds additional attribute values to a record based on an existing email: including: SIC, Turnover, Employees, Sites, HQ etc.

Benefit - What does it do for you

With more complete and current data, you will achieve better segmentation, better messaging, and better results.

Feature - What is it

Refers to ensuring the characters are formatted to make up a valid and functional URL

Benefit - What does it do for you

You can be sure the URL works correctly and can be accessed by users and web browsers

Feature - What is it

The process of breaking down a complex URL into its individual components.

Benefit - What does it do for you

It provides greater control over how URLs are used and interpreted within web applications.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the process of checking and confirming the accuracy, correctness, and integrity of a URL

Benefit - What does it do for you

Ensures that the URL is usable, accessible, and safe for users to interact with.

Feature - What is it

Refers to the process of Intelligently comparing customer data field values to determine their % similarity

Benefit - What does it do for you

Helps with the % certainty of similarity between data field values for better certainty when matching values.

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